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Qigong is the art of conscious movement.  Movement with awareness.
In Qigong, your awareness is awakened in the very first lesson.  You receive benefits as soon as you begin. You become conscious of the joy of perfecting yourself.  You need no outside apparatus for this.  You have all that you need already, built within you.

Full, easy, rhythmic, breathing can increase your energy and power all movement from within, freeing up joints and reclaiming natural motion without tension. Qigong is movement with a clear, uncluttered mind that is calm and attentive. Then, in movement everything moves, and in stillness everything is still, in tune and in balance. 

As Qigong is the foundation for Tai Chi Movement, LIFE ENHANCEMENT QIGONG is the foundation for more joyous, flexible, conscious movement. Movement that will nourish all aspects of our physical being and enhance our sense of well being. The practice of Qigong PROMISES “an ageless, youthful maturity.”  Oxygenation, blood circulation, flexibility, balance – all will be greatly improved with the practice of LIFE ENHANCEMENT QIGONG.
Life Enhancement Qigong is a form of EIGHTEEN MOVEABLE JOINTS SILK REELING QIGONG, which is a traditional Chinese form of Qigong dating back thousands of years.  It has been handed down from teacher to disciple for countless generations, and is relatively new as a practice in the Western World.  Yoga and Qigong share the same “mother”, i.e. the breath.  You might think of it as different branches of the same magnificent tree. 

Bring a small mat if you have one

This class is suitable for all ages and any level of fitness

There will be no class on Saturday December 22nd & 29th.



About the Instructor, Gerry Sandweiss
Gerry Sandweiss has been a student and practitioner of EIGHTEEN MOVEABLE JOINTS SILK REELING QIGONG for fifteen years.  She stepped onto this path after several years of working with Karen Kingston, a world-famous teacher and author, when she was introduced to Sri Jai Dev, a Grand Master of Wushu, a martial arts form of Qigong.  Quickly realizing that mastering one’s own energy  was most beneficial on every level, Gerry began to study with Sri Jai Dev , who has spent the last fifty years teaching Qigong, Wushu and Meditation.  After twelve years of studying and practicing LIFE ENHANCEMENT QIGONG with her teacher, Gerry was given permission by him to begin teaching and sharing this amazing body of knowledge with others, which she has been doing in the Woodstock area for several years.

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Life Enhancement Qigong 
18 - 99  N/A  Sa  06/09/2018 - 02/23/2019
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Woodstock Recreation Center - Dance Studio
$12.00 R, $12.00 NR
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